Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Smiley Person 笑っている人

Right after the workshop in Honolulu, Ty left for the mainland; he had to take care of business in Boulder, CO.

I missed my family very much. I always get a bit of homesick when I come back from Japan. It does not last long anymore, maybe about 4 days, but it used to be long when I was younger (like 19 years old). I also missed Ty very much. Then, I also missed the dancer friend who just passed away then. I felt lonely. I missed everyone...

It was 11:41 pm on January 18th, and I was about to go to bed. On that day, I did not have any appetite, so I didn't eat much, and finally, when I was ready to go to bed, I felt a bit hungry, so I had a banana with soy-nut butter.

I was sitting at the dining table alone with just a butter knife and a jar of soy-nut butter and an yellow banana, and outside was quiet and dark. All of sudden, I felt that everything was slower as if someone pushed a button to slower a movie. Although it was the same speed that my hand was using the butter knife to scoop up some soy-nut better out of its jar, it looked very slow, and I felt that I was understanding everything from the both micro and macro perspectives.

Then, I found this smiley person on a tip of a knife!! It was smiling at me, and instantly I felt a bit warmer inside. I felt as if God was smiling at me. Isn't this cute? The pieces of banana were at the perfect spot to make a smiley face.

Wow. I felt as if someone is watching over me, and I knew that I would be okay no matter what.

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