Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sentimental Sunset センチメンタルなサンセット

Lines are beautiful.
Lights that make everything naked are beautiful.
When I see a "picture" like this, I have to grab a camera.
As if to burn this image on my heart's wall, I press the shutter.

I love the sunset time.
(Sunrise and sunset times are my favorite times of a day.)
The colors that this particular time creates reflect the feelings I experienced in the day and gently blend them all in.  Eventually, it will be all black - going to back to zero, nothingness, and in the darkness, a new life begins.

In the colors of sunset, I become like a little child who does not know what to do with a favorite toy.  I cannot help to take a deep breath and try to take it all in.  Each time I breathe in, different flavors of feelings come up.  My exhalation brings a closure to the day, and my next inhalation plants a new hope and wonder for tomorrow.

I cannot help to think of someone far away and ask the sun to shine on his heart when he wakes up.

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