Sunday, November 27, 2011

Go Global Theatre Troupe ゴーグローバル シアター トゥループ

My former boss and English teacher has began this wonderful project.
She gathered 6 willing and talented college students and one teacher who are from various origins to create a theatre group (she spells theatre instead of theater, so I am going along :)).

Their mission is to educate children at a young age to have a global awareness. The world is out there, and we all can meet people from around the world and understand different cultures as well as our own if we wish, but first we have to wish that, and in order to wish, we need to be aware that the world is out there. That's what this theatre group is trying to do through plays and by visiting local schools and organizations.

Their opening of the show was last Sunday, and I was impressed by their enthusiasm and courage to perform in their second language in front of an audience. I did it when I was learning to speak English, so I know how frightening it was while it was a great way for me to learn English.

The director of this theatre troupe asked me to choreograph a 50-second long closing dance piece right before the curtain call to the tune of "That Thing You Do!" by The Wonders. I had a fun time choreographing, and today was the day to share it with the actors and actresses.  I was very proud of their hard work!

Their second performance will be this coming Tuesday at 3 pm at the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Maui Club in Wailuku (200 Waimaluhia Lane Wailuku, HI 96793-2390). It is open to general public, and the admission is FREE. It is about 45 minutes long, and the play is appropriate for children age above 8 years old.

If you know anyone you might enjoy this wonderful work of art, please spread the word out.

Here is a picture of the performers!





このシアターグループのディレクターに、最後のカーテンコールの前にお芝居を締めくくるための50秒ほどの踊りをワンダーズという一昔前のロックグループの「That Things You Do!」に合わせて振り付けてもらえないかと頼まれ、私は何日か思案していました。楽しい課題でした。そして今日がその振り付けを役者さんたちに振り落とす日でした。みんな、すごく頑張ってくれました。よくやった!

彼らの第二回目のショーが今週の火曜日、ワイルクにあるビッグブラザーズ ビッグシスターズにてあります。15時に始まります。一般の方もウェルカムで、入場料は無料です。全部で45分くらいでして、7歳以上の子供に一番適しています。


Saturday, November 26, 2011

November 11月

On November 6th, my small business hosted its first workshop using a space of Paia Yoga in Paia, Maui.
Thankfully, it was a big success with 30 participants. Thank you to those who participated and helped us to spread the word out.


The first workshop instructor was Ty Burhoe.
He held a workshop called "Musical Universe - Sound and Spirit" to look at the world through sounds and vibrations. We learned how to make harmony with the world around us, people, and ourselves.

彼は音を通して世界を見つめ直してみようという、「ミュージカル ユニバース サウンド アンド スピリット」というワークショップを開いてくれました。世界と、人々と、そして自分自身とどうやってハーモニーを作るかについて学びました。

This was not in November, but a fun picture of three workers at Mana Foods on the day of Halloween. It is fun to go out to town on Halloween to see how people are dressed up.


On November 13th, I had a date night with my big sister, friend, and my great Odissi dance teacher along with her husband (who took this photo for us). We went to see a show at Maui Arts and Cultural Center. It was a fun outing!


MACC was being upgraded recently with this new Yokouchi pavilion.
MACC is truly one of the top venues in the U.S.
It's a beautiful theater.

Too bad that I don't have a "BEFORE" photo to show you. This is "AFTER." It felt so, so great to have a clean, organized desk finally!!! This was on my things-to-do list for a quite long time :) Now, I should be more productive! (Can you see the pictures my students drew for me?)


At my friends' children's birthday party, this jumping castle was set up. Usually adults are not supposed to be in it, but no child was in it, and the weight limit seemed to be all right, so I went in...


Weeee! I'm in a jumping castle! Hehehe :)
One of my dreams has come true!


One of my students (a boy) gave me this envelop.

Inside was this cute peace sign. What a great reminder.

I don't know what this was. Probably a mistake shot (I didn't mean to take it), but I just love its colors, movements, and the space inside.


Thanks to one of my Maui moms for sharing dinner with me! I am so grateful to be fed at the end of a long day... Let alone eating a meal with someone was a nice treat!


A lotus flower was blooming outside the house (my landlord is a great gardner).


A week before Thanksgiving, one of my friends invited me for an early thanksgiving dinner. It was a home of a professional chef, and everything was prepared by him was so delicious. Oh how lucky was I!


Of course we cannot forget the desert - a slice of pumpkin pie, berries, and ice cream!


Another friend gave me this bunch of bananas! They were green when he gave them to me, but now as you can see, they turned nice yellow! What a perfect gift for a monkey Akari.


Rainbow in Makawao

In the morning of Thanksgiving, I joined Sarala and her family for a beach time. The ocean I dipped myself in for the first time in a long time was quite chilly but refreshing. I was thankful for the gentle climate that allows us to swim in November. And deep thanks to the mother ocean for embracing all sorts of creatures.


In the evening of Thanksgiving, I was invited to a party held at my friend's house. There were some Japanese friends, so it was so fun to be able to speak my mother tongue. I was grateful for all the friends who enrich my life.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

My 29th Birthday 29歳の誕生日

On October 27th, I welcomed my 29th birthday.

As I do every year, I drove myself up to the top of Haleakala (Maui's massive shield volcano; its tallest peak is at 10,023 feet (3,055 m)) to have my birthday ritual.

After I was done with my teaching job, I came home, packed layers of clothes with a pair of boots and made my favorite hot beverage (Bancha) with pickled ume plums and a few drops of soy souse in it. I also took my favorite chip - Rich Chips with me. 

The picture above was the sunset I saw as I drove up. 





By the time I got on the top, the sun was completely down over the horizon, and it was quite dark since it was only a day or two after the new moon, but stars were bright! I stayed in the car and had my Bancha and chips! Yum, yum, yum.  Look at the photo of Rice Chips being inflated by the high altitude :) 

I was born at 3:12 pm Japan time, so I like to be sitting at the top of Haleakala at 8:12 pm Hawaii time (to be the same time as 3:12). I started to hike up the little hill around 7:30 pm. It takes less than 10 minutes to be at the top. There was just me. No one else. I found a cozy spot to sit, and I lit a candle. It amazingly kept being lit despite of the wind. 



I sat there on the edge of the enormous crater. Vast space was opening its mouth wide open. I felt like letting myself be engulfed - like falling into the arms of the Universe. And I did in my imagination. And I was received. I was hugged and loved with every bit of my existence. And I knew that this space would be always available regardless of place and time. I do not know what the future holds for me, but what I know is that I will be always all right because of this knowledge. 

I sat there for an hour - thanking of all the people in my life (I know it is simply impossible because I've met so many people, and there are so many more people who have supported and enriched my life without me even knowing it, but I tried to think of those who are near and dear to me). Tears kept welling up almost the entire hour just because I felt so much gratitude in my heart. I was blown up just like the bag of chips. I could barely contain my appreciation for love I was receiving from all sources.

I love my life.

When I came home, I felt like I wanted to write a happy birthday card to myself, so I did.
"Happy Birthday to you, Akari!
Well, well, well. You are 29 years old! Getting older.
Definitely not a little child anymore.
But you are my little Akari whom I adore forever as well as a big sister I always look up to.
You are my best friend.
With you, I have nothing to fear.
I am so happy and grateful that we get to experience this life together.
With you, we can turn anything into a super fun journey. 
I am here to fully support you with whatever path you choose in your life.
I am loving you with all my heart.

What a gift to have her in my life!