Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Day Trip to Honolulu in the Mid January 1月の半ばのホノルル日帰り旅行

In the mid January, Ty and I had a day trip to Honolulu as he had a tabla workshop and a "Musical Universe" workshop to teach. I just accompanied him. Ty wrote a bit about that on his diary.


Ty looked happy as he was sharing what he love with people. It made me happy, too.


For the first time, I stepped into the China Town. I walked around a bit when I had to move our rental car as it was approaching its expiration time.


After the workshops, we met Mr. and Mrs. Matsumoto who happened to be in Honolulu at that time. We discussed about a retreat we are planning to host in Kyoto in September. We met at a nice macrobiotic restaurant called Hale.

It is nice to accompany someone to peek into his world.


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