Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Third Scarf 三本目のスカーフ

Wow, I did not update my blog even once during the past month!
Well, it was a busy, busy month.

There have been many things to write, but I won't be able to write them all at once, so I will write a bit by bit.

Although I was busy, I was knitting a scarf. I was trying to finish it before Ty's birthday, but I did not make it, so I sent it a week later. But that's okay. There was my heart knitted in, so that's okay. I learned to knit by watching this DVD, "The Complete Beginner's Guide to Knitting by Nici McNally." It is very well made.

This was my third scarf I have knitted.
Here is the first one.
Here is the second one.

I used the same yarn for the first one and the second one. The design is the same for the second one and the third one.

Someday, I would like to try to knit a sweater or vest or something a bit more bigger.

------------------------------- Japanese -------------------------------------



色々と忙しい割りにはスカーフなんて編んでましたよ。夜なべしてですけど。タイの2月の誕生日に間に合わそうとがんばっていたのですけど、間に合いませんでしたので誕生日から一週間後に送りました。まぁ間に合わなかったけど全然大丈夫。気持ちがこもってるから大丈夫。編み物は一年ほど前に「The Complete Beginner's Guide to Knitting by Nici McNally」という DVDを見て学びました。そんな独学で編んだ三本目です。



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