Sunday, September 19, 2010

Performance at Akaku TV Fundraiser アカクテレビ局のファンドレイザーでのパフォーマンス

Sunny and Me
I mainly have 3 dance teachers in my life.
  1. Suga Kunitomo - Izanai Yosakoi dance - she supported me during my tough high school years. I got through that time because of her; I danced every single day even when I did not go to school. 2
  2. Sarala Dandeker - Odissi (a classical Indian dance) - she is my guruji in many ways. Her grace and strength mesmerized my soul from the first time I saw her dance.
  3. Sunny Gorg - Hip-Hop/Funky Jazz - she is very good at giving me a permission to explore and bring out a part of me that is more courageous and confident.
I love all of them, and I am blessed to have them in my life. Thank you, thank you. Hey, all of their names start with S!!!
    Today, I am going to write about what we recently did with Sunny.
      I have been taking Sunny's class for the past eight years or so.
      After I came to Maui in 2001, I was looking for an opportunity to continue to dance. Then, I came across with this amazing dancer and an instructor named Sunny!  I still clearly remember the first class I took in Paia. After the class, as I called my mom and excitedly told her, "Mom, I found a teacher here!!! I can continue to learn!!"

      It is an honor for me whenever my teachers ask me to perform with them. 

      This time, Sunny asked me if I would be willing to dance at Akaku - a local TV station's fundraising event. I said, "Of course." It was filmed and broadcasted on Maui. It's fun to perform for a camera, but I always look through those lenses and see the people who would be watching the other end because they are the ones I want to connect through dancing.

      Another dancer friend, Maggie, Sunny, and I had only one time to rehearse together, but we did a fine work, and it was so much fun!!

      ------------------------- (Japanese) ------------------------------

      Phew... done (after the performance)
      1.  國友須賀 - Izanai - 高校生のときの辛かった時期を、踊ることで乗り切れました。学校へ行かなかった日も、スガのスタジオには行って踊っていました。須賀先生のサポートには今も感謝してもしきれません。
      2. サララ・ダンデカー - オディッシィ(インドの伝統舞踊) - 彼女は色々な面で私のグルジ(恩師)です。彼女の踊る姿を一目見た瞬間から、オディッシの力強さと優雅さに私の魂は惚れこんでしまいました。
      3. サニー・ゴーグ - Hip-Hop/ファンキージャズ - 私の中に眠る勇気や自信を外の世界へと引き出す天才です。






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