Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Children are the Best Medicine 子供たちは一番の治療薬

(Flower leis given to me by my students at the Winter Holiday Show in last December)

About a week ago, I received an email from my friend.
It was to inform me that one of my dancer friends in Japan who was the same age as me passed away.
First, I could not believe it, and I could easily picture his face in my mind which I just saw about two weeks and half ago in Japan.

While I still could not believe it, my heart ached when I thought about how young he was and how sad his family, especially his parents must be.  I knew that we are connected through spirits, yet not being able to chat, laugh, and dance with him while he was in his body in this life time made miss him and made me feel sad. On the night I received this news, I only cried a bit; I think that a part of me still could not really understand what happened. The next morning, as the reality slowly sank in me, I cried a lot. In order to say a good bye and in order for me to move on with a smile on my face, I wanted to cry to have a funeral ceremony in my heart.

He said that he wanted to contribute to the world peace through dance. He had a very pure and honest heart. I strongly felt that I want to relay his intention. I was happy that I could continue to dance with him in my heart.

The following day, I went to work, but my heart was still heavy. However, it was amazing to witness myself opening up like a flower blossoming and my sadness melting away as I was surrounded by lovely 14 children. They were adorable as usual, and every single thing they did was sweet and cute. The first child who came to school was a girl, and her very first word came out of her mouth even before she said "Good morning!" was, "Akari, love is everywhere." Ah, what a timing!  Her word gave me enough fuel to start my day in a positive state. Seeing a 3-year-old boy trying to put his brand new shoes on and proudly standing up was cute. Seeing the eyes of the kids amused by something which I would not have noticed otherwise reminded me how beautiful this world is. Seeing them cry but laugh the next second reminded me to live in the present. Just holding them on my laps made my heart at ease. They were the best healing medicine ever!!  I truly witnessed how their full force of life gave me power and love, and I was such a different person by the end of the day. The world looked much brighter.  I strongly felt my mission and desire in life to protect and nurture these lovely children as well as joy to be blessed with this opportunity to do so.

After lunch, before I started to read a story, I told them that one of my friends in Japan passed away, and I was very sad, but because of them, I felt much better, and I thanked them. They were listening to me quietly, and one girl raised her hand and said, "Akari, he was ready to go."  Her word lingered in my heart and touched somewhere deep. Then, I said, "In a movie called 'Powder,' a man says, 'When people die, they can be seen everywhere.' I think so, too, so my friend is now in tree, sky, rain, and the ocean. I can see him anytime anywhere."  Then, a child said, "Now, he is in you, too." I felt the top of my nose was a bit painful (because I was about to cry).

It was a day that I was carried by the kids. I am very fortunate and appreciative to spend my everyday with these angels.

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Loren said...

Little sister, you are such a wonderful and sweet person. May God bless you today and forever more...loren

Akari Ueoka said...

Chiharu has left:
素晴らしいお話を シェアしてくれてありがとう。
子供達は 本当に まっすぐで 感性が豊かで
子供達の言葉は 天とつながっていると いつも
思います。たくさんの 天使さんたちに 囲まれ
良かったね。これからも ステキなお話
聞かせて 下さい。