Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Rendezvous in Chicago シカゴでのランデブー

In March (during my spring break), I flew to Chicago, IL to surprise Ty who was touring with his teacher in Chicago at that time. (For more details of his tour experiences, please read his diary.) Ty left in the middle of January, and in the middle of February, he was going to visit Maui for a week to spend time with each other, but his flight was canceled due to some mechanical failures, so we did not get to see each other, and his month long tour with his teacher began, and the next time we would see each other was be in May...

I thought to myself, "If he cannot come see me, I will come to him." I jumped on the Internet and found a reasonable ticket and flew myself there although I knew that I would get to see him for just a day and half...



The sky and a contrail
My feeling was straight just like it.


My heart was beating faster as it was right before I got to see Ty

Here is a photo of us being reunited again...

It was wonderful to see him although we only got to spend time with each other for about a day and half.  Sometimes, we just got to make actions, I guess.


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