Friday, August 27, 2010

My Update 近況報告

It's been a long time since my last blog update.

I have been in an incredible journey for the past couple of months. I don’t know how to tell you every detail of it, so here is a summary of my past couple of months.

May 2010 – I graduated 19 students at ROOTS. I love each one of them, and no word can express how much I enjoyed and was honored to be their teacher. The pictures below are picture magnets I made for them. I took thousands of pictures throughout the school year, and I chose one that depicted each child's nature.

Unfortunately, shortly after the graduation, I was informed that there would be no full-time position for me at ROOTS as their budget was tight. I was offered a half-time job as a kindergarten teacher, so I started to look for another part-time job, but it was difficult to find a part-time job that would have worked with the teaching schedule at ROOTS.

During the month of June and July, I was busy job hunting.
While I was looking for someone to hire me, I decided to become the "someone" and hire myself. I started a small business of mine called Akari Translations. I signed up for two translation course. One to learn the business aspect of being a translator, and the other one is to learn technical skills of translation work. I registered it as a sole-proprietorship business at the state building, and I opened a very basic business bank account (with no monthly cost), and I created a website on my own (not as good as professionally made ones but good enough for a start). I am officially a translator/interpreter for the language pair of Japanese and English (I will be mainly translating FROM English TO Japanese). Teaching will be my main job, so this will be my side job. If you know anyone who might benefit from my services, please let me know. Also, any feedback for the website is greatly appreciated!!

While I was job hunting, I occasionally felt doubtful of my future and felt rushed to figure it out in order to secure my financial situation, but at the same time, I always knew that everything would be well taken care of in the perfect way, and mostly, I was at ease and was excited with my new business during the time. It was intense two months. Ty and I had not seen each other much since January, so we were looking forward to spending time together in summer, but since I had to stay on Maui to do a job search, we could not see each other. I first felt very sad, but I shifted my focus and felt how lucky I was to be embraced by Mother Maui for all summer long!!!  I have lived on Maui for the past 9 years, and this past summer was the first time that I did not go off-island.  I enjoyed the two months. I decided to take advantage of the difficult time and turned it around to be a blessing in my life. I brainstormed many ways to financially support myself while doing what I love, and I spent lots and lots of time sitting down with myself and asking myself what I really wanted to do with my life. My journal entries during this period of time is quite interesting, and I read those entries again and again.

Towards the end of July, I was offered a full-time teaching position at a local elementary school, so I decided to take this offer. I was hired right before the school began (4 days before), so I immediately jumped in the flow of a rapidly flowing river. I have survived so far and not just that, I have been enjoying the ride. I am teaching 19 second graders. Working at a public school is a definitely different experience for me from working at an alternative school such as ROOTS, but I can tell you that I have been absolutely enjoying working at a public school. I did my student teaching at the same elementary school for a year; furthermore, I did it at the exact same classroom where I am teaching now! What a coincidence. Life is indeed interesting.

Of course, it was a difficult for me to say good bye to the ROOTS students, the teachers, and the parents... I am here to continue to support ROOTS in any capacity I can, and I will enjoy my new horizon which is to work at a public school for the first time! One thing I know for sure is that I enjoy whatever circumstance I choose to be in and make best out of it. I am just happy that I can spend my everyday surrounded by children.

I value living in faith - faith in myself, the world, you, and the universe, and me - the very dear friend of mine. Life is full of mystery, and I like it that way!

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5月 ROOTS(ルーツ)学校で19人の子供たちを無事卒業させることが出来ました。一人、一人のことを心から愛しています。彼らの先生であれたことを、どれだけ嬉しく思い、楽しませてもらったかは、言葉には表せません。上の写真は、写真を印刷して、マグネット用のフレームに入れたもの。一年を通して、1000枚以上の子供たちの写真を撮ってきましたが、その中から一人一人の生徒の個性をよく表しているものを選びました。







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