Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pali Trail Hiking パリ トレイル ハイキング

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In last February, I signed up for a hike with the Siera Club. We hiked Pali Trail in Lahaian for a half day.

I got to see whales from the top!! Also, we came across with two Nene (Hawaiian Goose), too!

I hiked with people whom I had never met before. Everyone seemed to have a deep love for nature, and they were all wonderful people. It was nice to get to know a part of Maui I did not know before, and also it was nice for me to re-realize that I like a part of me that is curious and adventurous with the just-give-it-a-try attitude.

2月の半ばに、Siera Clubのお知らせのページで見つけたハイキングに参加してみました。ラハイナにあるパリトレイルを半日かけて歩いてきました。



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