Friday, November 5, 2010

What wells up inside こみあがるもの

Often it is said (at least in Japan) that 'trouble makers' are the dear ones.

Usually (always?), there are at least a couple of students who take attention, time, and energy of a teacher...
Well, yes, there are some in my class this year.
But they are dear to me.
They all do their best and have kind hearts.
I repeat the same thing with them a day after day, and I sometimes wonder if they would ever get it.

However, as you know, children grown every single day and go beyond my wonder, and before I know it, they turn into a butterfly from a chrysalis.

Each moment when I witness that, something warm wells up inside my heart and boils my love for them.

(Today, one girl came up to me saying, "Miss Akari, I made a book for you." I read it after school, and it made my day and helped me to appreciate this wonderful occupation I have.)

--------------------------------- Japanese --------------------------

「手のかかる子ほど かわいい」って言いますよね。


同じことを毎日繰り返しています。「一体いつ出来るようになるかしら?」と、その過程を思うと気が遠くなるようなこともあります。それでも日々子供たちは成長しており、私の想像なんか軽く飛び越して、 ある日急にさなぎから蝶に変容し、その瞬間を目にする度に、胸にあついものがこみあげ、その「あついもの」が、子供たちに対する愛をさらに温めるのです。


Japanese: 「私に優しくしてくれて ありがとう」といった意味合い。

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