Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sweet Drops 甘いしずく

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.

I can relate to people who do not necessarily celebrate holidays. Those people often say that everyday should be a holiday.  For example, everyday should be your birthday, or everyday should be Earth Day.  While I totally agree with them, I am not against holidays because those certain dates help us to remember certain aspects of our lives.  For example, birthday gives me an opportunity to appreciate all the lives who have come before me and thank them and extend my wonder to the miracles of continued life lineage. Earth Day gives me an opportunity to appreciate the earth even more than usual.  So, Valentine's day gave me an opportunity to think of my loved ones.  Whenever I think about loved ones, a sweet feeling drips down into my heart.  That itself is sweet, and no chocolate is needed, but I like eating chocolate, too :)

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ハッピー バレンタインズデー!


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