Sunday, April 10, 2011

Women Helping Women Fundraiser

MACC's brand new $13 million pavilion complex
Today, I had an opportunity to dance with my dance teacher, Sarala Dandeker and Sunny Gorg, and other dance sisters at MACC for Women Helping Women's fundraiser event. As most of you know, it is an organization that helps women who are affected by domestic violence. I danced as I prayed that may each family filled with kindness, and that those women who went through DV would remember to enjoy their own beauty and strength as women.

It was so much fun dancing with my dance sisters whom I enjoy spending time with in and out of a dance studio.  Being able to share an intimate stage space with people I totally trust is such a pleasure!

-------------- Japanese ---------------

今日、MACCで行われたWomen Helping Womenのファンドレイザーで踊る機会がありました。私の先生であるSarala Dandeker(サララ・ダンデカー)と and Sunny Gorg(サニー・ゴーグ)と、他のダンスシスター達と踊ってきました。Women Helping Womenはドメスティック・バイオレンス(DV 家庭内暴力)の被害にあっている女性被害者を援助する機関です。DVがなくなるように、そしてDVの被害に合われている方達が一日も早く、元気に心休まる日々を過ごせるよう、そして女性であることを、エンジョイできるよう祈りながら踊らせてもらいました。


Our stage
ステージ (上と周りを使いました)

About to get into a costume
With my little sister
Sarala, Cute Dancer, Me, Vanessa

Lauren and I were being goofy
We found a big elephant there...
My first earing after I pierced my ears!

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