Thursday, October 6, 2011

89th Maui County Fair 第89回マウイカウンティフェア

It has come!
Yes, at the end of every September, the Maui County Fair is held in Wailuku (almost Kahului). This year, it was the 89th year. Wow. It's a quite historical! It is a 4-day event which begins on Thursday evening and ends on Sunday evening. Portable amusement park is set up, many interesting local merchandises are sold, children's art work are presented, and many more happens. Last year, Ty and I went together, but this year, he was touring Japan at that time, so Ty's son Shaun and our mutual friend April, and I checked it out.


April trying a hula hoop (although it is hard to see in this photo).
We waited in a long line to get on one ride.
And the next day, I went back there again with my dance teacher's daughter (7 years old). Her parents were planning to take her there, but they were under the weather, so I wanted to take her there for another fun memory for two of us.


Maui does not have a man-made amusement park as we have so many wonderful nature-made ones, but I like to see sparkles in the eyes of the children at a fair. Something about s fair has the magic power to let both kids and grown ups to dream again like little children!


We tried a ride that goes around slowly, and we could have such a nice view!
The white cruise ship is at the Kahului Harbor.
"The Fair"

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