Saturday, October 8, 2011

The First Week of October 10月の第一週

One morning, I was presented with these generous gifts left in front of my door - a car and a motorbike. How lucky!!!

ある朝玄関の前に、車とバイクのプレゼントが・・・ 何てありがたいんでしょう!

It's actually my landlord's almost-2-year-old son's :) If you see me driving around with these vehicles in town, please honk at me ;)


The first week of October was fall break. (In Hawaii, public schools have a shorter summer break than other mainland schools but has a fall break. There are pros and cons.) I have been running since the school started on August 1st, but I could finally catch a breath. On the first day of fall break, I went to the beach for the first time in two months! Yes, that can happen. Living on Maui does not mean that you get to go to beach all the time. I went there with Sarala and her two kids. It was fun to swim with them!


And I surfed, too! The waves were small, but they were fun waves. I felt so great!!!!!


One of my favorite fruits in Hawaii - Lilikoi (Passion Fruit)
ハワイでの大好きな果物の一つ リリコイ(パッションフルーツ)
The inside looks like this.
I was washing dishes one morning, and I liked this composition.
The black shadow of water running against the blue kitchen counter.
Leaf bug.
I visited the farm where Shaun is staying now, and I experienced milking a goat for the first time.
It was a touching experience, feeling the warmth of animals and blessings of life force given to us.
Shaun and goats friends
A beautiful vegetable garden
The beautiful sunset

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