Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Banana Yoshimoto's World 吉本ばななさんの世界

When I went to the Makawao library to check out children's books for my students (I usually check out at least 20 of them since our school doesn't have a library), I found these two books at the Japanese book corner: Banana Yoshimoto's "N.P" and "TUGUMI." I read "TUGUMI" when I was in high school, so this was my second time.

As soon as I started to read one of them, her world swiftly expanded inside of me, and I felt like drifting in this comfortable feeling that is difficult to explain. I feel this way every time I read her book.

Particularly, these two books had the theme of summer. Overlapping with the fact that we just welcomed summer solstice, the books made me miss the Japanese summer, and missing so much, I was on the edge of tears, but they are not sad tears, rather sweet ones. Under the wide blue sky that made me feel like being sucked up each time I looked up and under the giant white thunder clouds, I went for bug hunt, swam in streams, ate ice, and fell in love. That's how I grew each summer as a child. Those summers are precious treasures in my heart.

While I was still on Maui, I went back to Japan momentarily.

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