Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Recent Odissi Performance 最近のオディッシィパーフォーマンス

I had an opportunity to dance at a local event called "A Day of Culture and Art" on Maui on April 11th. It was an event to celebrate Maui's diverse cultures.

I have been studying Odissi dance with Sarala Dandeker, my teacher here on Maui. Each year, my heart is mesmerized by the dance form more and more for its beauty and spiritual depth. Lately, I have been feeling a strong desire to study it seriously. I try to make time to practice out of my busy teaching job.

Some of you who read one of my past blog entries might have noticed that I was wearing the costume that Ty bought for me as a surprise gift. Yes, this was the first time I wore it on the stage.

By being surrounded by friends who came to watch and support me, by wearing the costume my love gave me, by dancing in my healthy body, and by dancing with my dancer friends, I felt that I was such a blessed being.

I want to send my deep gratitude to Sarala.






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