Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dhvani - Music & Dance of India

Tala Records presents 2010 Dhvani ~ Music and Dance of India

Ticket Only $15.
Students age 6 - 18 w/ID $10
Children 1-5 Free Admission

Tickets available at http://www.tyburhoe.com/tabla_concerts_events/tabla_concerts_workshops/
OR call Akari.

Dhvani is the weaving together of the two of the most sacred arts of ancient India, music and dance. Odissi dance is an art form which uplifts the soul and celebrates the joy of existance through movement and grace. Classical Indian music guides us deep into our hearts and shares with us a vision of passion, spiritual vision and peace.

Sarala Dandekar is one of India's beautiful exponents of Odissi dance and together with classical Indian musician Ty Burhoe, have created a weaving of these living arts specifically for our Hawaiian community here on Maui. This evening will feeature maestro Indian musician Steve Oda (sarode) as well as Odissi dancers Akari Ueoka and Malati Carano.

It will be a deeply intimate and inspired evening ~ please spread the word and join us for an evening of manefesting joy through sound and dance. Anusara Yoga Founder, John Friend (http://www.anusara.com/) will host the evening's event.

Come Early for authentic Indian dinner entrees, desserts & Chai by Monsoon Indian Restaurant.

Children 1-5 Free Admission
Students 6 - 18 w/ID $10
Adults $15.
Tickets available at http://www.tyburhoe.com/tabla_concerts_events/tabla_concerts_workshops/
OR at call Akari.

Steve Oda (Sarode) (http://steveoda.com/Steve_Oda/Home.html)
Ty Burhoe (Tabla) (http://www.tyburhoe.com/)

Odissi Dancers:
Sarala Dandeker (http://www.saraladance.com/)
Akari Ueoka
Malati Carano

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