Sunday, April 17, 2011

Aloha in Action Benefit Concert for Japan アロハ・イン・アクション ベネフィットコンサート

Last night, at Temple of Peace in Haiku, a non-profit organization called Aloha in Action hosted a benefit concert for Japan, and a group called Pray for Japan from Maui, Hawaii joined them with yummy baked goods, fresh flowers, California rolls, cone sushi, and Japanese tea to sell and raise money for Team of Izanai Asahi, Tsunami Relief Fund. (For information about this fund, please read this page.) I joined the evening as a volunteer selling the above goods.

Beautiful Hawaiian singers Lei`ohu Ryder and Maydeen Iao played heart-touching and up-lifting songs.

There were 3 big events on Maui all dedicated to Japan (one of them was at MACC), so people of Maui were all over and did their best at each place.  It is so wonderful to see so many people who want to help. Lei`ohu said last night that it is not important how many people actually come, but what important is to put our heart out and take actions.

There have been so many fundraiser events since the earthquake, and I can see people (not just the ones that are hosting events but also the people who come) getting a bit tired, and their wallet getting thinner, so it is important to pace ourselves and to take a good care of ourselves and our immediate family members and friends who are in our everyday lives. Because of them and because of jobs that we have, we can continue what we are doing and continue to help Japan in a long run. We cannot burned out now. Japan will need us in a long run.

The balance between micro and macro is important. I want to attend my everyday detail while I keep my awareness open to the universe.

(More photos below)

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昨晩、ハイクにあるテンプル・オブ・ピースという場所で、アロハ・イン・アクションというノンプロフィットオーガナイゼーション(民間非営利団体)の主催で、日本のためのベネフィット(チャリティー)コンサートが開かれ、そこでマウイのプレイ・フォー・ジャパンというグループも参加させて頂き、クッキーなどのお菓子、イナリ寿司、巻き寿司、日本茶、お花などを売らせて頂きました。売り上げはTeam of Izanai Asahi, Tsunami Relief Fundに送られます。(詳しくはこちらをどうぞ。)私はそれらの商品を売るボランティアとして参加させてもらいました。





Last night's super team (Japanese volunteers)

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