Thursday, December 29, 2011

About December 28th 12月28日のこと

My little brother and I had our first tea-time together at a cafe :)
I ordered this Maccha (green tea) latte. 


I found this cute pink shirt at a second hand store. It was about $2.
I have to iron it.


This lace grabbed my heart.

And I also discovered this one at the same second hand store. I usually like clothes that are made out of cotton, linen, or hemp, but I also sometimes like an old fashioned design clothes even if they are made out of rayon. This was about $6 first but I asked for a discount, and it was $5. Yay.


Interesting pattern

I asked my Japanese dentist if I could take these home with me, so that I would be able to show my students. (The dentist used these to create a cover for my tooth.)


I also saw my friend, Hiroyuku Kuma, a Japanese photographer working in Matsuyama, Ehime. He and I are the same age, and I like to see him once a year to share what we have done in the previous year, and I always receive inspiration from his rare artistic sense. He is someone who is truly following his dream and passion while he is being responsible for his family (his wonderful wife and a cute baby boy). Seeing someone making it possible (and at the same age) really inspires me and impresses me. 


If you know someone in Ehime who would like to have family shots or wedding shots taken, please check him out. Here is his blog.


One day, the bicycle parking space was packed, so I had to use the upper space. It was the first time, so I read this explanation first.


As you put a bicycle with the front rear first, it would hold itself up.


Then you can easily lift it up (without much effort). It was sort of fun.


On the way home, I saw the evening sun shining the Matsuyama Castle. One of the benefits of riding a bicycle is that I can stop at anytime whenever I see something like this.


This non-habitat house was covered by plants. I wonder if the plants are looking for the owner.


When I pulled the dining table chair, there was a preceding visitor. I guess he was looking for a quiet, dark place to take a nap. He was so round. Until now, I have not had much of opportunities to interact with an animal called cat. My love for a cat is growing daily.


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