Saturday, December 24, 2011

Japan Rondom Photos 日本のランダムな写真

Dogo Onsen (hot spring)

There is a famous clock tower in the town of Dogo Onsen area. Many tourists often stop by and take pictures. It strikes and plays a pretty song at certain times of a day. When my father and I drove by, the clock just started to strike. People gathered to watch and take pictures. My eyes were taken by these baseball boys with bare feet!! Next to the clock tower, you can put your feet in hot spring water. I think that these boys were doing that and jumped out when the clock started to strike. I thought that this was a cute image.


I bought these Yuzu (a type of citrus) and put them in the bathtub. In Japan, we do this on winter solicits. The fragrance of Yuzu - the essential oil warms bodies up by activating the metabolism, and it has germicidal action. It's perfect for the cold season. Ancestors knew this before science could proof.


A couple of friends recommended this Italian restaurant, so my mom, dad, and I checked it out. It was in front of Mitsu station and is called FLOR. It was delicious as the reputation described.
The address: 1-5-1 2F Sumiyoshi, Matsuyama-city, Ehime-ken
Phone: 089-952-1454

住所:愛媛県松山市住吉1-5-1 2階

I wrote a card to each student.
The photos are the Matusyama Castle.


A view through the roof of my parents' car.

For some reason, there is a Winnie the Pooh hanging from the rear mirror.


It was a sunny day.


My dad gave my mom this watch on her thirty some years old's birthday, and she gave it to me about a year ago, but the band got worn off and broken while I was wearing on Maui, so I brought it back and had it fixed. I can wear it again. Good.


One of the Japanese meals I wanted to eat while I am in Japan was this Kamaage Udon. My mother prepared it for me. I put lots of ginger, and it was so heart-filling.


Chibi sleeping on a couch. 


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