Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Japanese Driver's License 日本の運転免許証

Yesterday, I went to the Matusyama driver's license center to renew my Japanese driver's license.  In Japan, the expiration date is based on your birthday (not the date when you acquired the license). I could not come back to Japan around my birthday just to renew the license, so mine had been actually expired, but since I was in abroad during the possible renewal period, yesterday I could simply "renew" it instead of "reissue" it.


The ocean I could see from the driver's license center

My new one!

The bus station near the driver's license center

Inside of a Japanese bus - My brother took me to the driver's licence center, but I knew that it would take awhile (in fact it took two hours), so I told him to go home instead of waiting around. Then I took a bus home.


I thought this wooden floor of the bus was cute and interesting.


A children-size bicycle and a tricycle - in Japan, everyone rides a bicycle even children.

子供用自転車と三輪車 日本では子どもみんな自転車乗って移動してますが、マウイでは珍しいです。

A Japanese letters and characters written in an interesting way - from right to left instead of left to right. I was confused for a second. I wonder why.

「トンナテ 集募って何だ?」とぼーっと見てて、2秒後に「テナント募集のことか!」と分かった。何で右から左へ書かれているのですか?

My friend, Richard Marks - a professional photographer took photos of my friends K and Aki's yoga school on Maui, and their article was published in this edition of Japan Yoga Journal magazines.
(I don't know why the front cover model is posing naked. I mean naked is beautiful, and I am not against a naked front cover, and in the past I have seen several photos of people taking yoga poses naked, and they were beautiful, intentional, and powerful, but in this particular photograph, I cannot see those. It seems detached from the true essence of yoga... Just so you know the front cover photo is not Richard's.)
Anyhow, I would like to say big congratulations to three of my friends!!


You can read the article at this page.

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