Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hiroshima-Nagasaki Remembrance マウイでのヒロシマ・ナガサキの追悼式

I was going to write about the first half of September, but I would like to go back to the beginning of the August a little bit.

On August 6th, there was a wonderful program at University of Hawai`i - Maui Campus called Hiroshima-Nagasaki Remembrance.  Maui's Izanai Yosakoi dancers were asked to perform. This program has been organized by residents of Maui (mostly non-Japanese people) for many years, and they invite a different guest speaker every year and bring awareness of nuclear weapon, radiation to Maui community in the hope of not repeating the sad mistake ever again.

Since I was a college student, I have been asked to perform at their program. This year, I did not have to dance by myself. I had 6 dancers to dance with!

We as dancers put our intention out to pray for those who passed away from the bombs as well as for this who are currently struggling with any nuclear disaster.  We did even more so due to the earthquake in Japan this past March and Fukushima radiation issue.

It was always our honor to perform, expressing our prayers through movements.

(More photos & a YouTube video available below Japanese texts.)

Maui's Izanai Yosakoi dancers with a special guest, Yuko from Japan!

8月6日にハワイ大学マウイキャンパスにて、「ヒロシマ・ナガサキ リメンバランス(追悼)」というプログラムがあり、マウイのイザナイダンサーズたちに演舞の依頼がありました。このプログラムはマウイに在住のアメリカ人の方達が毎年企画・運営してくださっているもので、毎年違ったゲストスピーカーの方が呼ばれ、原爆について放射能について、そしてあの悲しい歴史を繰り返さないようにとマウイの方々に無料で開かれているものです。




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